Record Review

This is a record review I did for the May issue of State Magazine. 

Needless to say I didn’t like it…

The Young Knives


 Third album by English geek indie rockers, whereby they find themselves having achieved critical acclaim but don’t appear happy with said success. Singer, Henry Dartnall (which let’s face sounds more like a member of the English landed gentry than a rock star) redefines his previous convictions, as showcased on Terra Firma ‘I took a long hard look at everything I thought/there was a lot to see/but still I wanted more’. He reaches the hopeless conclusion ‘What’s the point?’

The frantic ‘Up All Night’ is laudable indie rock indie rock by numbers and the lyrics ‘cause everybody looks famous/and they’ve been wasting lots of time/everybody feels special tonight’ reek of yet more desperation and disillusionment.

Christ, by song four (‘On Counters’) poor old Henry’s contemplating suicide: ‘Sitting on the front seat/turning on the motor/sucking on the hosepipe/keep it turning over’. If a band are going to depress me, I’d rather they did it with a bit more imagination- give me Radiohead anyday!

The rest of the album plods along inconsequently, just more of the same ‘la la la’ choruses and obligatory handclaps. Perhaps with the exception of the darkly brooding ‘I Can Hardly See Them’ which features distortion laden guitars and pounding drum beats.

The Young Knives are, I suspect part of the new wave of ‘English Eccentrics’ (and with a bassist called ‘House of Lords’ my suspicion is only confirmed)

but they don’t pull it off with either the style or wit of their many of their contemporaries, such as British Sea Power.

In conclusion, their stop start indie clichés are fine to shake your fringe to at the latest indie disco whilst posturing, but it doesn’t really go past that. But then again, maybe that’s all you were looking for.












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