Ringer Review…

Here’s my reveiew of Four Tet’s new Ep which will be in the next issue of Connected Magazine. Enjoy! 



Four Tet 


The chameleonic interpreter of genres that is Kieran Hebden is back from his sejourn with Jazz Drummer, Steve Reid and has clearly learned a lot from the experience. Title track, Ringer is an epic ten minutes of hard-hitting beats. It may sound as though your record is skipping as the dance loop repeats and repeats, but it’s all intentional- it’s Hebden’s way of teasing the listener. The tune builds tentively and the beat is finally teased out and explodes into a killer dance riff. Ribbons is smart electronica. Through it’s fast crisp beats we hear glimmers of enchanting pulsating melody and it’s clear that Hebden has sprinkled some of his magic dust all over the track.

Swimmer is all dreamy abstract electronica set to a one one beat which will set your heart beat racing with the music, until Hebden decides to slow proceedings down again. Wing Body Wing has hints of afrobeat and bongo drumming set to  crack popping minimalist electronica which shifts and wriggles in millions of different directions .

In this listeners’ opinion, this last track is the highlight of the album and shows us just how much of an influence Steve Reid has had on Hebden’s growth as a musician.

With Ringer, Hebden has proved once again that he is the master of weaving and interlocking abstract melodies with deep electronica from a plethora of genres. It is this juxtaposition of genres and ideas that mark him out as a true innovator.


A hero worshipping 5/5

– Tia Clarke





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