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Let’s get sweding!

July 10, 2008

Join the sweding revolution! 

Have you seen Michel Gondry’s Be Kind Rewind?

If not go out and get it! ———>

Don’t know what sweding is? -‘Films that were erased and recreated are referred as being sweded. These remakes are unedited with only a single take per scene. As inspired by the film Be Kind Rewind in which the tapes in the video store are described as having come from Sweden as an excuse for higher rental fees and longer wait times.’ 

Visit the excellent official website here:

There are also some brilliant swedes on such as the 300 remake below! 

Kudos to all involved in this fine production! Shing shing- BLEEEEUUUGGHHH!!! 

Let’s get sweding people. Myself and my sister Lucy: Pictured above looking like a terrorist are currently hatching a plan to swede ‘The Graduate’ with the use of action figures. (c) See I’ve just copyrighted the idea so you can’t copy us! 

Let’s get sweding people!!!! 


Incidentally here’s a clip of the man himself- Michel Gondry solving a rubix cube with his nose: 


Laura Marling does Dublin…

July 9, 2008

Laura Marling paid her Irish fans a visit last Tuesday when she stopped by post Glastonbury to play to a jam packed Whelans. 

Here she is in action:

We had a very strange birdseye view of the gig as we the only place we could get to stand was the balcony upstairs. (as you can see from the above pic)

I never thought I’d look down on Laura Marling! Ahum, bad jokes aside Whelans was PACKED to the brim. There were people seated at little tables at the front by candlelight and then some people sitting on the floor right in front of the stage. Upstairs people were leaning over every inch of the railings trying to get a look at Ms Marling. 

And boy was she worth it! She received a humorous welcome to the stage when she was presented with the present of a pair of armbands! (her albums titled ‘Alas I cannot swim’- Doh!) She had the audience captivated throughout her repertoire of songs from her debut and thanked us for being such an attentive audience- even when she threw in some unfamiliar new songs. ‘Marcus won’t be familiar with this one yet as I only wrote it yesterday,’ she confessed at one stage.

Indeed Marcus deserves special mention here for his musical prowess. On Marling’s myspace he is credited for drums, keyboards and vocals. In truth he is a lot more than that- a veritable ‘musicman’ as marling herself described him. Looking disheleved and nursing a hangover from Glastonbury he managed to extract sounds from a stool I never thought possible. Due to a mix up with Ryanair (but of course!) Marling’s bass drum didn’t make it over to Dublin with them. Anyway, during the course of the night Marcus showed his innovative side by clicking his fingers and slapping his legs and even tapping on a ukulele for percussion.

Meanwhile Marling was a joy to watch. She had a no bullshit way about her dressed in a plain white t-shirt, simple skinny jeans and a pair of pink pumps. She didn’t ramble on in between songs either. When she did she came across very wry and witty. She nailed every single song- sounding exactly like they did on the record. This is something which less and less artists seem to be able to do, probably due to a little, or large bit of protools magic. I mean did anyone see The Ting Tings or Estelle’s performances at Glastonbury- Missus Ting Ting was singing so quietly she was virtually whispering when trying to hit the high notes on that song where she can’t seem to remember her own name- What a bunch of Pro tools!

Anyway, Marling was called back on for ‘one more choon’- and we were sent home after a raucous version of ‘Your only doll Dora)’ with the ukulele.

The most intriuging question of the night was- why did she play most of the gig with only one shoe on???!! She took it off at the start and just left it sitting behind her. I wasn’t to play her pedals or anything. She only seemed to notice it when they exited the stage and she ran back on to get it. Why oh why Laura? Still, she’s welcome back here anytime, shoes or no shoes! 


July 8, 2008

Haven’t updated this in a while as I’ve been away in such far flung places as Sligo and Barcelona. The latter was definately my favourite! Although they do a mean seaweed bath in Innischrone!

I also went to Sonar when I was over there, but more on that later…. 

Here are some cool abstract pics myself and my boyfriend took over there…. 

Barcelonas such a cool interesting arty city, the kind of place where you could party for a week straight. I’d like to live there. I’d definately recommend visiting! 

No Age ‘Nouns’ Review

July 8, 2008


You can find this review in this months issue of State magazine on page 80. The one with Interpol on the cover. Enjoy…… 


No Age



Fans of art rock bands, such as the experimental delights of Deerhoof, will be enthralled by this splice of uncontrived good time rock and roll coming to us via downtown Los Angeles creative hub, The Smell.

The Smell serves as a punk/rock music venue, performance art space, gallery and library and vegan snack bar which has cultivated some damn fine bands, amongst which No Age are duly included.

The duo, guitarist and drummer, Dean Spunt and Randy Randall create experimental art rock with skuzzy distortion laden guitars as loud as Sonic Youth and manage to encapsulate what it is to be young and ecstatic. They can do intelligent art rock, such as on ‘Eraser’ where the guitars and distortion twirl out of control, and on the explosive ‘Cappo’, but behind this initial exterior you can also hear another layer- one of fun-fueled punk/rock. ‘Here should be my Home’ is brilliant in it’s Ramones-esque simplicity. It’s repetitive refrain ‘’Jump on the tube/ Just to see you/My Heart’s in a tunnel baby/ What can I do?’ captures youthful exuberance and will have you jumping around your room like you were 16 again gurning like the kids moshing to their shows in the artwork and pressing the repeat button.

No Age go about their business in a decidedly independent and commendably old school way. They have built their reputation locally, rather than through a network of networkers on MySpace. 

And in an age when album artwork is a dying art, No Age also take a nostalgic view. Nouns features a booklet of 60 pages which gives us a window into Los Angeles art/rock scene The Smell and it’s frequenters have created. There are pictures of battered amps, The Smells backstage room, a decrepit bridge downtown and the local vegan shop which all add up to the ‘small town feel’ and localization rather than globalization. Indeed such is the intimacy of the artwork, we can almost smell The Smell!

And as the album progresses, you realize that No Age are doing something that the hyper-commercialization of the music business has managed to suck out of bands- they’re having fun. Let’s join the party. 

-Tia Clarke

If you hadn’t guessed from the above review, this record rules! Go out and get it post haste! As well as making great music, No Age also have a really cool cult band t-shirt which I wouldn’t mind getting my mitts on!

Check it  —–>