No Age ‘Nouns’ Review


You can find this review in this months issue of State magazine on page 80. The one with Interpol on the cover. Enjoy…… 


No Age



Fans of art rock bands, such as the experimental delights of Deerhoof, will be enthralled by this splice of uncontrived good time rock and roll coming to us via downtown Los Angeles creative hub, The Smell.

The Smell serves as a punk/rock music venue, performance art space, gallery and library and vegan snack bar which has cultivated some damn fine bands, amongst which No Age are duly included.

The duo, guitarist and drummer, Dean Spunt and Randy Randall create experimental art rock with skuzzy distortion laden guitars as loud as Sonic Youth and manage to encapsulate what it is to be young and ecstatic. They can do intelligent art rock, such as on ‘Eraser’ where the guitars and distortion twirl out of control, and on the explosive ‘Cappo’, but behind this initial exterior you can also hear another layer- one of fun-fueled punk/rock. ‘Here should be my Home’ is brilliant in it’s Ramones-esque simplicity. It’s repetitive refrain ‘’Jump on the tube/ Just to see you/My Heart’s in a tunnel baby/ What can I do?’ captures youthful exuberance and will have you jumping around your room like you were 16 again gurning like the kids moshing to their shows in the artwork and pressing the repeat button.

No Age go about their business in a decidedly independent and commendably old school way. They have built their reputation locally, rather than through a network of networkers on MySpace. 

And in an age when album artwork is a dying art, No Age also take a nostalgic view. Nouns features a booklet of 60 pages which gives us a window into Los Angeles art/rock scene The Smell and it’s frequenters have created. There are pictures of battered amps, The Smells backstage room, a decrepit bridge downtown and the local vegan shop which all add up to the ‘small town feel’ and localization rather than globalization. Indeed such is the intimacy of the artwork, we can almost smell The Smell!

And as the album progresses, you realize that No Age are doing something that the hyper-commercialization of the music business has managed to suck out of bands- they’re having fun. Let’s join the party. 

-Tia Clarke

If you hadn’t guessed from the above review, this record rules! Go out and get it post haste! As well as making great music, No Age also have a really cool cult band t-shirt which I wouldn’t mind getting my mitts on!

Check it  —–> 






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