Dead Setting…..


Caught the first installment of Charlie Brookers new 5 part horror series on E4 last night. The story is that most of Britian have been savaged by a deadly outbreak of flesh eating zombies- the only people who remain blissfully unaware of the outbreak are the contestants in the Big Brother house. 

The writing, as one would expect from Brooker is razor sharp and he managed to get a few great lines into the series- such as when Jamie Winstone ponders the meaning of her job- as a production assistant for the pompus and abrasively arrogant Tv Boss who orders her round sending her on such menial errands as coffee rounds and emergency nicorette purchaces. ‘It’s not really real is it?- I just run around getting coffee for wankers all day.’ 

Charlie also gets us on his side when the typically cowardly TV exec pushes a wheelchair user out in front of him to safe his own life- it’s like Brookers telling us- this is what these pricks are really like. And I’m inclined to believe him. There’s also a brilliant insight into the world of TV production when Patrick (the TV Boss) gets stuck in a room with the most recently evicted member of the BB house- even though they are within inches of having their faces chewed off by one of the zombies he instructs her ‘Don’t touch my fucking suit!’

The series is riveting stuff. I was expecting the usual scathing Brooker satire but the nail bitting zombie thriller aspect is an added extra. And the production quality is high end all the way. 

I’ll be tuning in tonight in the hope that Patrick (Tv boss wanker) gets it and whether Kelly escapes from the BB house with her life intact- or indeed her brain cells as she tries to explain the sordid situation to those Big Bruvva cretins…..  

Oh and repeck to Davina McCall- she makes a mean zombie……would you let this woman interview you??? 


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