Above: Checking out the floor show at Sonar!

Hi. My name is Tia Clarke, otherwise known as Tico- for not so obvious reasons involving Bon Jovi’s drummer, Tico Torres.
I am a 24 year old journalist and currently write for State Magazine and Connected Magazine. I have previously written a column for The Evening Herald entitled ‘Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Shit’, various fanzines, websites and newsletters. I have just finished up a 6 month stint as a news reporter in my hometown of Dundalk, Ireland.
My main loves are music- especially Four Tet, Art, News and Current Affairs, Satrical Comedy- Chris Morris, Woody Allen and Monthy Python, The New Journalists- Tom Wolfe and Hunter.S.Thompson, Poetry- Allen Ginesberg, and I am on an insatiable quest for the perfect dress.
I bow at the feet of Guardian columinst and all round nihilist, Charlie Brooker.
This is an arts/culture blog- and everything else that happens to spring to mind.
*INTERESTING FACT: Tico was born on a leap year and has just celebrated her sixth birthday.

Below: This is me


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